If you’ve looked through my portfolio or are friends with me on Facebook, this piece should look somewhat familiar to you. I drew the original pencil sketch back in January of 2014, and it is one of my favorite drawings to this day.

This past week I was in an art slump (see more on that here), so I thought I’d try something new: alcohol-based markers. I’ve never been a marker sort of person, so I wasn’t sure how it would go or if I’d even like it. I watched YouTube videos of artists using them. I looked up different types of markers. I watched tutorials on blending the colors. Then I ordered a pack of inexpensive alcohol-based markers (the brand is Ohuhu) from Amazon.

Then I got sick over the weekend and didn’t feel like doing anything. (I’m not fully recovered yet, but at least I’m up and drawing again.)

Today I was finally able to try them out properly, and I’m mostly pleased with the result.


Oddly enough, two of the parts I’m happiest with (the hair and the grass) are the parts that I was most worried about when I was drawing and coloring.

I outlined the whole thing first with a Faber-Castell fine-tipped PITT artist pen, but ended up relining everything with my bold pen from the same company. The outline came out pretty well, although the grass looked terrible, and the ink smudged a bit when I colored over it with the markers.


Working with markers was weird, but also fun. Like I mentioned before, I’m not really a marker sort of person, so trying to blend the inks was totally new to me. As far as blending goes, I’m really pleased with how the trees and the skin turned out.

I’m also amazed at how smooth the colors are. I had a good bit of trouble with the dress, but the sky turned out super even, as did the trees.

Speaking of colors, this is not the color scheme I had in mind when I first redrew the sketch. I thought I’d have a lighter-skinned girl with brown hair, and I planned to make the grass green. But I have limited colors, and my markers work better for darker skin tones, so I just went with that. Once that was decided, I figured I’d give her a yellow dress, but when I went to color it, I promptly forgot and reverted to my original plan of making the dress blue. Oops. I actually really like it with the blue, so it turned out for the better 🙂

Just two more things I want to share with you:

  1. The ink bled through the paper a lot. I don’t have marker paper, and I understand this is to be expected from alcohol-based markers. The point is, it made the back of the paper look as though the picture was painted on fabric, and I think it’s really cool.
  2. This girl needs a story, and I haven’t been able to write one about her, so if you want to write one, go for it! Good luck! I’d love to hear how it goes!

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