Big news!

Big news!

Some of my artwork is now available for sale on Redbubble! (They also have a 20-35% off coupon for tonight and tomorrow, in case you’re interested.) I’m still in the process of building my portfolio there and I don’t have much listed yet, so be sure to check back in the next couple of weeks (honestly, I’ll probably remind you). Please, please feel free to offer suggestions for items you’d like to see in my shop.

Also, if you’re interested in purchasing originals of pieces listed on my blog or Redbubble, feel free to send me a message. Most of them are available for sale.

I will also be open for commissions starting January 1, 2017.*

A few days back, I mentioned that I had big plans in the works, and I hoped to give an update on that soon. Well, this isn’t actually what I had in mind. I wasn’t even thinking about this when I wrote that post. That update is still pending.

About the artwork in the picture… I’ve wanted to try my hand at splatter painting for a while, and I’m really pleased with the results. I used masking fluid to create the outlines, and I cleaned up the pieces a bit once I had scanned them to my computer. I got the idea for the designs a while back when I was updating my wardrobe and looking for shirts that I liked…and no one was selling anything like I was thinking of. So there we have it. Now someone’s designed the t-shirts I wanted to buy, and that someone is me.


*I do not do portraits of people. I’ll update my page if and when that changes.


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