Quick update on my artistic projects

Quick update on my artistic projects

My window is open and I’m listening to the gentle, steady  rain. Rainy days are often the best days for me as far as creativity goes, which is good, as I have several projects I’m working on today.

First, I’ve been working on my sci-fi novel, which, I’ve discovered, is promising to be a huge book. I’m hoping to get the first draft finished in the next few months (hopefully sometime March-ish), but I have about 120,000 words left to write (no, that’s not a typo).

Second, I’m currently drawing sketches for my second book illustration project! My uncle asked me to help him with his fifth children’s book, and I’m so, so excited.

Third, I recently started yet another illustrating project (this is the news I’ve been hinting at for the past week). This is something I’m doing by myself, so I may not be able to work on it overly much in the near future, but I’m going to announce it anyway. I’m creating concept sketches for my series idea, The Adventures of Mr. Mouse. I’m already considering changing it to The Adventures of Miss Mouse. Nothing is set in stone yet. I could do both. The point is, the first book (manuscript and illustrations) is in progress.

I’m also finishing up all artwork I’ve promised friends and family members over the past couple of years… The goal is to finish them all before January.

For simplicity’s sake, many of my updates will be on Instagram and Facebook, but I won’t abandon my blog entirely 🙂

(About the picture: That little guy’s no bigger than my thumb. I used a ballpoint pen for the outline and colored it with alcohol -based markers. Apparently those don’t get along well, as the outline bled a bit.)


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