Nakara Bane of Throgg

Nakara Bane of Throgg

So, one of the YouTubers I follow (Draw with Jazza) hosts an art challenge every month, and this month I decided to participate. The challenge was to take the sci-fi-esque axe that Jazza designed and give it a home or legend.

I don’t often draw armor or weapons, but after thinking about the prompt for a while, this image came to mind of a mother and her child. Nakara is the name I gave the axe, and Throgg is the bear. I didn’t get around to naming the woman and her child.


After five or six sketches, I was finally happy with the pose and perspective, and I attached my final sketch to my light box so I could use the sketch as a guide without having to bother with pencil lines on the final painting.

nakara-bane-of-throgg-sketckes2  nakara-bane-of-throgg-mid-painting

I used acrylic paint, but I thinned them so that the colors were semi-transparent and worked a bit like watercolors. I don’t work much with acrylics, so it was fun trying something a bit different.

The colors in the image below are a bit more accurate than those in the other photos.


The anatomy is a bit off, and some of the colors are not exactly how I imagined, but overall, I’m quite please with the result.


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