Note how I started so low on the page that I didn’t have room for the hooves…


If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you’ve already seen this piece. Multiple times, even. I don’t mean to be annoying. I am sorry. But I had so much fun drawing this that I just had to babble about it for a bit, so here goes.

This is after the second sketch, when I was getting ready to start on the final illustration.

Just for a bit of context, I don’t draw mythical creatures or people. I don’t draw sci-fi themes things either, actually. Or at least, I didn’t until I started this drawing last week. I was scrolling through Pintrest, and I saw a cartoon of a centaur. Not sure why there was a centaur, but there it was, and I thought, “hey, I’ve never drawn a centaur or any other mythical creature/person/thing before (besides a few lousy attempts at dragons); I should try drawing one.” And I had been thinking of sci-fi, because I write sci-fi a good bit, and I was also thinking of a sci-fi show called Voltron: Legendary Defender, because season two premiers on Friday, so my brain connected sci-fi and centaurs. And then I couldn’t NOT draw one, so voila.

I didn’t know what I was going to do for a background when I started this drawing, so I was terrified that I’d lose the 6+ hours I’d already spent on inking the centaur

Overall, I spent probably fifteen hours from initial sketches to  final illustration (it’s a rough estimate). I had planned to color the picture with a watercolor sketch style, but I’m glad I decided to leave it black and white. I started with two sketches and a inking test run, then used a 01 Micron Pigma liner for the final illustration. As for technique, I attempted some crosshatching (NOT my forte to be sure), and filled in the rest with various scribbles. I don’t do ink drawings often, but I used to draw very detailed pictures in graphite, so I’m familiar with drawing in grey scale. This style in general is not normal for me, but hey I really enjoyed trying something a little different.

As for story, I don’t really have one to go with this, but I have a feeling the centaur is about to confront the main character who was hiding in the grass, trying to sneak into the city. That’s all I have.

I’m thinking about starting a series of drawings related to this–taking other mythical creatures and putting them in sci-fi settings. Feel free to comment with any suggestions!




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